Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A DieCut Box

Hello Friends ..

I have been wanting to tryout a box made using Diecut.. The idea is inspired by Ms.Rajni Chawla.. I remember reading a tutorial by her on this..

When I got my Sizzix - BIGSHOT I was very happy - Finally I can try this out..

I have a pictorial Representation of it below ..

1. I have chosen Oval shape .. First Cutout 4 Ovals . Make a Box using the same colour Paper.
2. Stick the Ovals onto the outside of the Box.

3. Punch holes on the sides of the Oval and Tie Ribbons

4. Cut a long strip of paper and wind it with Ribbons and stick it as a handle to it ..

5. Decorate it as You want  !!
This is how It will look  !!!

Hope you all liked my Box ..!!


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