Sunday, 14 August 2016

Reading with my "Owly" Bookmark !!

Fellow  Crafters,

One thing you always miss if you were a reader is - a Bookmark. Many a times you would never find one and you either land up in missing the page or use some "out of the  box" items as a bookmark. For sure its not my story alone.

An avid reader by heart , I always love bookmarks. Always used to make sure that I collect bookmarks where ever I get them - sometimes free or at times spend money over them too - for those fancy ones. I should be saying that - am always tempted to buy bookmarks where ever I go.

This time around, thought of giving my "arty" touch some work in creating a bookmark for myself. With my habit of reading through whole night to ensure that I finish an interesting thriller, the only thing came into my mind was an "OWL" as a bookmark ! Here below, I wish to explain how i made my "Owly" Bookmark.

Its a  Super easy project, made using up those scraps lying around in my craft room and the Sew piercing tool with floss .  

Here's how to make them.

You will need:
  • Scrap papers
  • Sew Piercing Tool
  • Floss
  • Beads
  • Silicon glue
  • Googly Eyes

Draw Freehand Owl on a scrap piece of paper - don't blame me if my owl trace looks like a cat. :) 

Once you are convinced about the owl, or have compromised to the look, trace it onto pattern paper and cut it out. Use the piercing tool to pierce holes along the sides to create a border. My chequered Owl - took this pattern paper as I wanted to make my Owl a bit adorable - away from the clich√© brown !

Use needle and floss to stitch along the holes. I chose blue color floss as it gels well with the pattern paper. Once stitched along the sides decorated it with  eyes and beak cut out from scrap papers.

Next I took floss and braided it and attached beads at the end. It was easy for me since braiding my hair was my daily routine during my school days to bring up a "studious" nature in me. Using the bead to lock the pattern is a bit difficult - you have to make sure that the knots you make into the floss is large enough to get "locked" inside the bead. Once locked use a drop of glue to seal it off.

To make sure that I dont leave it blanche, added googly eyes using silicon glue for more realistic look - and to add a bit of beauty !

Happy reading, Happy crafting and make sure you are watching the owl looking at you :)


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