Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Trials with ATC ...

Hello ..

Happy New year to all my Crafty Friends !!

New Year ..New Beginnings...

Yes . This year I will try to make all those things which I wanted to but procrastinated due to my shear laziness :)

ATC had always captured my attention when ever its mentioned in Craft world ..I gave it a try .. what do I make with .. I didnt feel like wasting my good papers for trials .. I then found a lot of packaging materials near me.. These were from all the crafty goodies packing materials . I cut them in a small square 3x3 cm .. I am not very sure the size of an ATC card.. Still size can be cut accordingly, we have to try it right ??

So I first cut the corrugated cardboard in 3 x 3 cm . I peeled out the upper layer. I wanted to let certain portions be upper layer intact, but this one being small, the layer came out fully .

Next I gave a coat of Gesso to it . I had lot of options either acylic or water colour or something I havent used at all .. I tried my hand with Alcohol ink .. I wanted to stick with only 2 colours - Yellow and Green ... Once I was happy with the outcome , I went forwards with arranging the flowers , tags and twines .. And here we have an ATC ..

I loved the way it turned out ..

One learning was the ATC sizes being small we need small embellishments be it Flowers or Beads or Pictures or what ever we want to place on it ..

Happy Crafting


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