Monday, 15 January 2018

Decoupage tray using Papericious

Fellow Crafters,

Its difficult to get back to something after a break, and if you get back, you may get engrossed much that you tend to do more.

An attempt to make a decoupage tray using the "Papericious paper - Steal the Time". It was with me for a long time and I must say I love the theme and color combo used in it.

Preparation of the wooden tray was the first thing at hand.

I have tried to use an antique / distressed look along with it . I gave a coat of off white(peach) acrylic paint . Then rubbed certain areas with candle wax. The next coat was chalk paint - teal color as it matched with the prints of the Papericious paper. I sanded the area where I had applied wax to reveal the peach color. Next I glued the paper using Modpodge. Seal the decoupage surface with a few layers of mod podge. Let it dry thoroughly .

Next were the edges of the tray. I wanted a cracked distressed look. I used Ranger Texture and mixed a bit of Deco art crackle paste . I applied the mixture through Damask stencil and waited for ti get dry naturally. Once dry I could see the cracks appear. Dry brushing using acrylic - red, brown and Golden randomly gave a very distressed look. Once I was happy with the result , I sanded the edges and the texture( white) revealed through the colors, thus making it look embossed.

Hope you are inspired by this and make one for yourself.

Happy Crafting


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